Welcome to Heike Berens Relationship Coaching

Where Life Can Be Better!

  • Do you sometimes wonder if life could be better?
  • Do you often wish you had the answers that would make your relationship stronger, happier and more fulfilling?
  • Are you going through a divorce and feel like you will never survive the experience?
  • Are you in a new relationship, a blended or step family and feel like you are drowning – life shouldn’t be so difficult?
  • Do you find yourself holding on to a lot of old pain, anger and resentment and wish you could let it go?
  • In general, do you think that all the good stuff is happening to someone else and life is passing you by?

Crisis or Opportunity

Most people think that a crisis in life is a roadblock to happiness, but in reality, a crisis, such as separation or divorce is actually a catalyst that can lead towards recreating life in a meaningful and fulfilling way. When you gain the required insight into achieving new levels of self-awareness and self-acceptance, joy and happiness follow at a level you never thought possible.

A Relationship Crisis or A Divorce is Actually a Catalyst to an Extraordinary Life

What if I could show you that there really is something more to life? And what if I could explain how a relationship crisis or separation or divorce is actually a catalyst to an extraordinary life? Would you want to know more? Would you want to work with a professional counsellor who has been there, done that and not only survived it all but has turned her life into a major success?

My Background

As a highly trained Transpersonal Counsellor and Sex Therapist as well as a Certified Integrative Coach™, I am a coach that supports my clients in discovering the real joy in life. The method I use helps my clients gain deeper healing, as it opens you up to experience new levels of happiness and love. Basically, I assist you in opening the gateways to the inner truth, to meaning and to one’s authentic “self.” My theory is that in order to achieve a different outcome, you have to change how you show up in your own life. In other words, you have to “be” what you want to “see” in your life and in your relationships.

A Journey Into Healing

When there are old wounds that are suppressed, healing is impossible. Rather than suppressing symptoms, you must find ways to cope with your personal crisis. The breaking down of these symptoms, transforms into a “breakthrough,” which is where you finally reach your full potential. I am here to support you in creating that new and vibrant life you want and deserve. Healing can take place when your life story helps you find meaning in your life. Let me show you how.  I am available for consultation. Join with me and start living the life you truly deserve.