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Heike Berens Relationship Coaching

To say that I have a passion for helping my clients reach balance and well being in their lives would be an understatement, as I literally spend my life helping clients through various transitional stages.

After experiencing my own personal relationship struggles, I gained first hand knowledge about what is required for turning things around. Today and for the past six years, I have used my expertise, education and personal experience, to support my clients as they move through life’s challenges and changes.

Utilizing a unique and practical approach in my practice, I have been instrumental in assisting countless numbers of individuals and couples reach balance and fulfilment in their personal lives.

As a relationship coach, I bring a unique blend of skill and compassion to various relationship issues utilizing a basic premise that begins with the belief that you must start by being precisely what you want to see in your life and your relationships.

From that foundational principle, I help others create new levels of self-awareness and self-acceptance.

Whether a person wants to learn how to enhance their current relationship or if they are ready to move into a new connection, I help my clients uncover the hurdles that block an individual’s growth.

Using what is termed the “Transpersonal Approach” I lead my clients towards opening the gateways to inner truth, meaning and one’s authentic “self.” Working with me becomes a journey of “self” exploration, individuation, transformation and integration of the whole – body, mind and spirit.

Passionate in my endeavour to support people who are in transition, my personal philosophy stems from my belief that any crisis in life can be used as the catalyst towards a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

In fact, I realised a long time ago, that in order to achieve a different outcome, one must be willing to change the way they live their lives.

Yet, oddly enough, people think they can just talk about their situation and not make any changes, but in truth, if you don’t change, you can’t expect to get a different result.

Life is always going to throw us curves, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a happy, rewarding life. It just means there’s a little more to work through.

As a dedicated counsellor/coach, I cultivate and encourage ways to gain more joy and satisfaction from intimate relationships.

As an adjunct to my experience, I received certification as a Dip. Transpersonal Counsellor (Phoenix), as well as a Master’s Degree of Health Science (Sexual Health) at Sydney University.

I am also a Certified Integrative Coach™ (Ford Institute).

In further support of my endeavours, I am a member of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) and a Member of the Australian Society of Sex Educators Researchers and Therapists (A.S.S.E.R.T).


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