Integrative Coaching - Future Focused Coaching Process

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Exploring your dark side is the gateway to understanding why we do what we do, why we sometimes act in ways that are contrary to the desires of our conscious mind, and why we spend countless hours, days, months, or years judging others and holding on to grudges that only bring us headache, heartache, and dis-ease. – Debbie Ford

The Future-Focused Coaching Process

The Future-Focused Coaching Model is a 6-week transformational coaching process, based on the work of Debbie Ford.

It arises from and incorporates concepts and teachings form a broad range of her work including: her acclaimed movie “The Shadow Effect”, her courses “The 21-Day Consciousness Cleanse” and “Designed by the Light” and her books “Why Good People Do Bad Things”, “The Right Questions” and “The Best Year of Your Life”.

As your coach I will be guiding you to:

Design an inspiring new vision for the future you are longing to live

Set and achieve a specific and well-defined goal that will move you toward the fulfillment of your vision

Shift from being driven by your past to be being future-focused

Learn and benefit from structured support and accountability

Experience the freedom, power and security of accessing your own wisdom from within.

Sessions will be conducted weekly at an arranged time for about 60 minutes per session. In the sessions, we go through a series of profound distinctions, processes and exercises that help you process what is going on for you.

Imagine being confident in your ability to make new choices, achieve your objectives, and fulfill your desires. Allow yourself to open up to what will be possible for you when you no longer find yourself being influenced, used or limited by old patterns of beliefs, expectations, excuses, or judgments. 

You are assured of the highest professional standards of confidentiality, privacy, integrity, and safety.

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