Heike Berens Relationship Coaching
Heike came to me as a gift from Debbie Ford and a gift she turned out to be! Heike took me through a difficult time in my life deftly and lovingly. There is an art to being a coach that can bring transformation to another and yet allow the student evolve through his or her own inner wisdom. Heike remembered everything over the many weeks we worked together and I came through this with greater insight into who I am and with love.

Thank you for being the special woman and coach that you are and for making a difference in my life.


The greatest act of courage is to bring love where there is none.

Heike’s voice floats through my head with every challenge I meet, every situation I stop to think about how I will show up.

After taking Spiritual Divorce with Heike, I thought I was done. I thought I had got this relationship stuff nailed. Wrong! It’s never done and I will always, always be working to improve my most Magnificent Self.

Courage coaching opened my eyes to the Courageous Warrior within me, allowing her to ride high and free. Each week Heike showed me even more tools to etch new thinking in my mind and uncover the greatness I keep subdued. Playing on all the senses in my every day world, this course catapulted me to a whole new level, unveiling new reflections of my highest self. It has been the next step beyond understanding where I have come from and the fears that I hold, to being that opening for light and love in the world.

Thank you once again, Heike, for helping me find my divine plan and having the courage to live it!

Pam N.

You are an absolutely extraordinary human being, Heike Berens!

You are a godsend to me and I can’t say enough wonderful things about your talent as a coach.

I am so grateful I found you that one lonely morning when I woke up and truly realized I was stuck and needed help. Your very first email warmed my heart and made me smile again. And by the end of the program three months later, I was actually laughing and feeling like myself again.

On the brink of disaster, you helped me give my marriage a second chance, enjoy my newfound role as a mother, learn how to handle life from my dining room instead of the boardroom, cope with my stepchildren and their mother, deal with my in-laws, and relish the time I have to live in another country.

Having experienced each and every one of these things yourself gave even more credibility and strength to our work together. You have given me the tools to transform not only my current situation, but to live a richer and deeper life going forward.
Your warm and caring style was instrumental in helping me open up that vault I have always kept locked up so tightly. But beyond even that, you gave me specific action items I could actually do and practice so I could truly be accountable for solving my problems and making shifts in my life.
Heike, I can’t thank you enough for showing me the way back to the life I want to live. You will always stay connected in my thoughts and prayers.


We have been married 8 years today! …glorious day…fine champagne…I so wish everyone would know this type of peace and contentment! Takes my breath away! Thanks! Our relationship has grown so rich since last summer – if you like put it on your website as testimony for the persistence of healing accomplished through your program. I do give it that credit!


Spiritual Divorce Coaching has been a life changing experience for me. It has guided me to change my whole outlook on life and others. It opens your heart and highest self up to a new world of endless possibilities. I honestly wonder what state of mind I would be in today if I hadn’t taken this 12 week journey.

The cross I was carrying on my back for so long has been lifted and set free.

Heike has been my perfect “Angel” in guiding me to become aware of my feelings and thoughts. She showed amazing support and naturally helped guide me to see for myself what I was feeling. She is an amazing gifted “earth angel” and I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her.

She was definitely ‘Heaven Sent’ to me! She has given me the tools to help make my life an amazing, extraordinary experience, to stop dwelling in the past and help turn my Pain into Wisdom….Something I thought was humanly impossible to do…

I was quite hesitant at first to see how this process could Heal my Heart, as I believed my pain was extra strong-something no one could ever relate too…But Heike proved me “wrong”-and I say this with pride! Thank you to Heike and Debbie Ford for ALL the wonderful work you do…This world will be a better place to be in because of the magnificent powers of your work… Thank you!

Lisette Felix

The coaching sessions reminded me of the importance of connecting with my body and inner self.

I found the internal exercises to help me speak my truth.

Heike is a very warm, non judgmental and experienced coach and she helped me heal and grow as a person.

Thank you so much Heike. I find it difficult to put in words just how grateful I am for you showing me what is possible in my life and my choices.

Cath M.

Heike, you have one very happy client here!

Since our last session so much has shifted. It’s like a load of gloom has lifted off my shoulders, especially the session on fear, I have been so scared, I was frozen with fear, I was stuck I couldn’t move forward or back it was overwhelming for me. I don’t know if I truly shared this with you but I have been seriously suicidal over the last year or more there just seemed no way out of my unhappiness and I did realise it was fear but it had such a grip on me. I couldn’t get out of it causing me immense depression and hopelessness, going to very black places where the only solution seemed death.

The sessions made so much of a difference. I have faced the fear and proven I can do it and now and I feel back on track, such bliss and self confidence. Thank you!


Spiritual Divorce Coaching with Heike helped to bring some light into the dark places within me. Some weeks after completing the course I have realised how the work we did together had as strong impact on my thinking and on making choices in my life.

I became a more positive person with an open heart.

Heike is a very compassionate person. Her trust, skills and of course her challenging questions gave me the opportunity to grow. What I like about her is her life experience and she is walking her talk.